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Margaritas Bar Download PDF

Mar 7, 2023

Supplies Needed:

- LaBelle Winery Seyval Blanc, or your favorite dry, un-oaked white wine, chilled on ice - not Chardonnay

- Your favorite high end Tequila

- Cointreau

- Simple syrup (like my triple citrus simple syrup for added flavor)

- Assorted Juices, use my favorite Natalie’s Orchid Juice. Display in glass pitchers with signage so your guests clearly know their choices

- Assorted garnish like lime wedges and blackberries along with other fresh fruit and citrus - Kosher Salt for the glass rimmer

- Use glass rocks glasses to serve your margaritas in

Instructions: To set up your display think visually so your guests can take in all that is offered. Display the wine and alcohol at different heights than the juices and simple syrups. Serve the berries and fruit in smaller, lower bowls with tongs for ease of service. Set up an area of the display for your guests to be able to create their cocktail in. Include fresh ice and a plate for kosher salt for the glass rimmer.