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Winemaker,entrepreneur, author, and media personality, Amy LaBelle is an international phenomenon with local roots in New Hampshire, but quickly growing across Boston and the New England area. As the co-owner of LaBelle Winery, her passion, commitment, and hard work have made Amy the lifestyle personality to watch in 2023. She not only produces award-winning wines, but she launched two wineries that have put New England on the wine map, quickly positioning her as a key player in the wine industry.


Amy also created the ever-growing culinary product line, The Winemaker’s Kitchen. She has written a series of books, the first of which is “Wine Weddings,”and she has expanded the LaBelle brand into hospitality and, soon, spirits. Drawing inspiration fromRee Drumond “The Pioneer Woman,” Nigella Lawson and Tabitha Brown, Amy has modeled her career afterleading women success stories like Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray and of course Oprah Winfrey. Not only does she have the tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit of these three media moguls, but she is also reshaping the lifestyle industry through down-to-earth advice, creative inspiration, and empathetic approach. 



After working as a corporate attorney in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Amy LaBelle founded LaBelle Winery in 2005 at Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, New Hampshire. In 2008, she and husband Cesar Arboleda moved the winemaking operation to a barn behind their home in order to expand production. LaBelle made award-winning wines at this location until late 2012 when the operation was moved to its current location in Amherst. In addition to the winery, LaBelle’s Amherst location includes a restaurant, a wedding and event venue, an art gallery, a retail store and tasting room, and an on-site vineyard.

LaBelle Winery’s Portsmouth tasting room and retail store opened in September 2017.



Amy’s passion for delicious wine and flavorful food inspired her to create The Winemaker’s Kitchen culinary line, catalog of signature recipes and a live-action cooking and lifestyle series.

book cover

"Wine Weddings" by Amy LaBelle

Author Amy LaBelle shows you how to choose the wine theme that’s right for you and create an elegant, magical wedding that will delight guests and exceed your wildest expectations.

To enjoy the wedding of your dreams, you must begin planning the event of your life. In Wine Weddings, Amy makes planning simple and fun as she shares her breadth of knowledge from having hosted over 1,000 weddings. She shares invaluable insider tips, clever tricks, and crucial mistakes to avoid, as well as dozens of entertaining stories from her many years of experience as a host. She provides lasting memories that you will cherish for decades and share with future generations.

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"WTF to OMG" by Amy LaBelle

We've all had these WTF? experiences. "What the fudge is going on here?" Later to discover that embedded in the WTF is a powerful life lesson: the Oh My Goodness! Read these WTF? to OMG! journeys. You'll be inspired to search and unpack your own OMG! Begin to compress your learning curve now!

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