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Bubbly Bar Set Up Download PDF

Mar 7, 2023

Supplies Needed:

- Assorted Sparkling Wines

- My favorite and a necessity anytime I am setting up a bubbly bar

- LaBelle Winery Shimmer, chilled on ice

- Assorted fresh fruit juices

- My favorites are Natalie’s Orchid Juices. Display these is beautiful glass pitchers so your guests can see the vibrant colors.

- Proper Signage to let your guests know what each ingredient is to choose from

- Variety of fresh fruit and berries like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, orange slices, mango, etc. Chose an assortment of fruit with bright, beautiful colors to create a rainbow effect.

- Beautiful Champagne flutes of your choosing

Instructions: Think visually while setting up your Bubbly Bar. This allows your guests to get excited about all their options. Display sparking wine and juices at various heights and serve berries and fruit in smaller, lower bowls with tongs. Include fun & beautiful cocktail skewers to use for the fruit!

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